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Regrettable game purchases by Wim Haanstra, posted at 06-11-2017 18:30 UTC

I came across a Reddit post that asked users which games they regretted buying, well I got a couple of purchases that I haven’t played a lot since I purchased them.


Xbox One

Mass Effect Andromeda

Pre-ordered, 12 hours played

Total time played actually surprises me. I thought it would be closer to 4 - 5 hours than the 12 it reports on Xbox Live. I loved the previous iterations of Mass Effect and I was hoping for the same kind of story telling . Too bad..


Fallout 4

Pre-ordered, 5 hours played

This was my first (and last) Fallout game I purchased. The RPG elements of this game should get me excited, but the I am not sure what is ‘off’ about this game, but I haven’t been able to enjoy it.


Elite Dangerous

Early Access, 4 hours played

The four hours I have in this game, were mostly spent confused. I wasn’t sure what to do, could get my ship to go to any of the destinations and mostly ended up with a destroyed ship. After a couple of attempts I gave up.

I must admit that I am a little jealous of people that are great in this game, I love watching YouTube clips of this game.


Just Cause 3

Pre-ordered, 2 hours played

I was so excited that a new Just Cause was being released and the clips online looked so great when I bought this game. Once I started playing this game, I noticed my loading times were far longer then anything I saw online.

The performance and loading times were so excruciating long that I just stopped playing after 2 solid hours.



Pre-ordered, 11 hours played




Early Access, 11 hours played

The first versions of this game were actually very promising, I liked how you could manipulate your believers and shape the earth in an easy way. After a couple of updates, stuff got weird and development slowed down. I believe it is cancelled now?


No Man’s Sky (probably)

On sale, $19, 4.5 hours played

Well, to be honest: I just bought this game a couple of weeks ago. It was on sale for $19 and I really wanted to check it out. I spend a couple of hours trying to follow the quests, but after a bit I started using the creative mode. That kind of ruined it for me.

The game is actually pretty good, not as good as they told us it would be, but still pretty good. I like the way it looks and plays.