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LFG Pub 2.0 is live! by Wim Haanstra, posted at 23-08-2016 21:00 UTC

Since the launch of LFG Pub in January, we have been thinking about stuff we could have done differently. Because the amount of traction it got, it became clear to us that we spent too little time on thinking this through. So as soon as we thought LFG Pub was stable, we began working on version 2.

The problems we had

One of the problems we encountered with the Overwatch release, was performance. That game generated soo much traffic for us, that we had some trouble keeping everything fast and responsive. We did some hotfixes, but that wasn't really the solution we wanted.

One of the other problems we encounted was that every game had to have the same filters, data fields, etc. This was a huge restriction for us, we needed a solution for that as well.


So, our solution is a flexible engine, which can be used to team up for everything we need. We call this engine Together and we got big plans with it. But first let us tell you about all the improvements that are ready for you now:


As I said, we had huge performance issues as soon as a couple of big games released (yeah, I am looking at you Overwatch). This was mainly because of the way we queried our database. We fixed this by indexing every filter field and letting a dedicated search engine do that work for us.

To relieve the load on the database server, we also implemented 'streaming', which means: as soon as somebody adds a new request, it is transmitted to everyone looking at the same page as you. This also means you no longer have to refresh the page to see new requests.

Log in with your favorite social provider

While LFG Pub had social login, it really didn't add anything. It was a way for me to log in and manage the website. With 2.0 this is different, you can still use the site without logging in, but some of the features require you to log in. For logging in we support the following sites:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Github
  • Instagram
  • Discord

This should probably cover most of it. We deliberately chose to not do any password storing ourselves.


You can now set up your profile, add some details like your sex and age. Your profile also offers you to store default values for games. If you always play Overwatch on the Xbox One, you don't want to change that every time you create a new request.


You can now 'follow' users. This will notify you when a user creates a new request for a game. This way, if you enjoyed playing with a certain gamer, you can join him again.

Private messaging

In LFG Pub you could always send a message to users, which were using Xbox Live (you still can of course), but now you can also send a private message to every other user (if they have an account). Sure the messages won't be delivered to their PS4 or Steam account, but the users will still get a notification of your message. As soon as more networks support messaging through the web, we will add it.

Rate requests

Had a great game with a certain user? Leave them a 5 star review! This way other users know if they should join this user or just completely ignore him. This will give users a bigger incentive to get their sh*t together and have a great time.


You can now leave comments on requests. This way you can discuss about the game without much hassle. Commenting is powered by Disqus, so you need to turn off your add-blocker to use it.

Game planning

LFG Pub was mostly based around the idea that you were looking for games to join RIGHT NOW. But from now on you can also plan ahead. Want to play a game this weekend at 10PM on a Saturday? No problem! People can tell they want to participate in the game and you will also receive a notification when the game is about to start.

Of course planning a global game does require you, to set up your timezone in your profile. This way people know which 10PM you mean ;).

Location based searches

Together also supports location based games. Want to meet up to fight for that gym in Pokemon Go? No problem. For games that support real life locations, you can now add your location for those games.

There is probably more

The list is getting too long to completely mention. We have worked on bringing everything you asked for and we hope you love it!

What's next?

While Together was built with more in mind than 'just' LFG Pub, we keep working on the engine. There are small things we know still need some work, but there is no need to keep you waiting any longer. While we keep working on the engine we will also start our work on our next Together project. About that, more later.

One of the features we are still working on at the moment is multi-language support.