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Changelog by Wim Haanstra, posted at 25-01-2017 00:00 UTC

We are currently still working on the site and changes will be made. This post will keep you up to date on the changes we made.


We did some minor changes today

  • We updated the popularity algorithm a bit. We are no longer calculating popularity based on all requests made, but only for the last month. This gives a better view of which games are popular now, instead of all-time.
  • Fixed a couple of annoyances on the back-end, which kept us busy for the last couple of weeks
  • Discord integration is now working fine after the latest Discord API update


So, a bit more of a story today. We had to reset our search cache, because of some 'funny' person spamming our servers. It took precisely 284 days before we had to take measures to stop someone spamming our API's.

So, from today there are some new rules and features in place to prevent this from happening in the future:

  • Posting a request to the server is only allowed once every minute. You can do it faster, if you disable your previous request first.
  • We can now easily delete ALL posts made from one IP address, username or any other search term we think off

It's not only bad news today, we also worked on our news items. They look prettier now :)


  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes didn't appear
  • Fixed image widths in news posts
  • Fixed an issue where the discord connection wouldn't work


  • Fixed a bug where "1 month ago" was showed as "$d month ago".
  • Optimized search engine speed.
  • Updated a bit SEO code


  • We fixed an issue with the location field for Pokemon Go
  • Reworked some code, so it is more stable, you'll probably only notice a speed increase.
  • Removed some unused code.


  • Games not yet released can now be selected as a banner for your profile


  • We added an About button to the navigation, linking to our Lemonbits site. Just to get out there who we are.
  • Fixed an issue with the menu, it sometimes displayed an active link wrong.
  • Changed some elements around, to increase SEO.
  • Fixed some incoming Google links, there are still a couple left that give you a 404, but most of them should be fixed.


  • We added easier messaging to users with an account (same button as the Xbox Live message button)
  • We fixed some URL's which Google indexed a long time ago
  • A notification for a new game can now be received.
  • The times displayed with a request will now update (every 30 seconds)
  • Sometimes Discord invites got out of sync.
  • We moved our Discord announcements to one channel, leaving the rest of the channels open to chat about the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the dropdown boxes for Destiny.
  • We denied Search engine access to the api.


  • Scrolling to top while changing pages is now smooth
  • Fixed some administrative stuff


  • Fixed a couple of issues with pagination, now scrolls to top after loading
  • Fixed an issue in showing a news article
  • Administration updates
  • Improved loading times by removing dependencies no longer needed
  • Introduction of spam filter. Do we need that after 2 days? Yes, we do.
  • Fixed an issue where some number fields would not validate correctly. This caused issues for fields that had multiple number fields.


  • We updated the styling of the new request wizard a bit more.
  • Online indicator is soo much prettier.
  • Fix for email notications not being sent.
  • Unsubscribe all link added tot email notification.
  • We redesigned the login screen, awesome!
  • Xbox Live login is now supported.


  • In the wizard that let's you create a new request, there is now a link to your profile settings for that game.
  • Dropdown boxes in your profile were not styled correctly
  • Checkboxes in your profile looked a bit weird
  • Fixed an issue where some Google indexed URL's would result in a 404
  • Updated 'new request wizard' to disable submit button when a request is being submitted
  • Label alignment fixed in navigation bar
  • Fixed an ugly message when your input for the 'new request wizard' was wrong
  • Updated a link in your profile to properly redirect to the right page
  • Email notifications from LFG Pub will now be signed and less likely to be marked as spam
  • We added a favicon


  • Cookie notification is now displayed in English, instead of Spanish
  • Links in Discord were in an old format